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Been a while since I last updated the journal huh?
Well, been busy with work and boring stuff like that, but soon I have my first VACATION since 2009!!
No... Since 2008 actually! After 2008, I been studying, had apprenticeships, the job-employment agency sending me on pointless courses over and over, a pointless employment where the job-employment agency pays the salary, so the employer don't have to pay shit and because of that, works you to the bone like a frikkin' slave and then kicks you out when the employment is coming close to it's end, and then a lazy employment at a different section of the job-employment agency for people with work injuries, breakdowns or mentally handicapped, and now, after the employment is done, still there, doing the same amount of work but getting only a 4th of my previous pay. Gonna ask to cut down on time. No fair otherwise. =/

Oh god... Vacation will be awesome...
Saving for a trip to Japan, hopefully next year though, so my vacation will be in areas close to home this year. But it will be worth it no doubt. If it means going to Japan next year, everything will be worth it~!
In worst case, the year after that. Depends on when I can get someone fun to come along. (Have one friend that really wants to go, but she hates Japanese food, especially sushi, she hates the language and obviously don't speak a word Japanese, she barely knows any English, she hates the culture, the traditional clothes, anime, manga, everything that makes Japan, Japan. And she does get REALLY whiny and annoying if she gets bored and can start whining about "This is boring. I want to go home!", so I really have no idea why she wants to go in the first place... Obviously, Japan is not the right place for her to go for a vacation... Hopefully I can get someone a lot more fun to come along. I want to go with someone that has the same interest in the culture and stuff to go with. Even got plans to bring only the most necessary in ways of clothes and such, and then buy some traditional clothes that I'll wear the ENTIRE time there~<3 No way the boring friend would agree to do that. She'd never put on a kimono. =/)

But at the least, even if I'm staying home on my first vacation in years, I'll be keeping myself entertained. Gonna go visit every abandoned place and building that I know of around where I live, and I did get a free pass for a year to the amusement park, so if I'm bored, have no money, I can go there and ride a few things. XD
Gonna go camping, fishing, hiking, and so on~
Lots to do here if you're an outdoor person~ =)

And for the fun of it, managed to get a little "contract" at the sci fiction bookstore, so selling two drawings there~ WOHO!!

And I am considering the idea of getting a BF. Though, the only candidate do sometimes drive me up the walls, but, it has been proven that he eventually does learn when he needs to shut up and just be quiet. (He talks WAY too much...!!)
So that's a possibility. =3=
He's at the least a nice guy, even if I'm more "manly" than he is. XD
But as he's straight, not seeing anyone, not even showing any interest in anyone else, and keeps nagging about how we should be open with each other and shit, why not? XD
Certainly better than the guy from work that's been showing interest. =/
(He smokes, he drinks, he keeps talking about how tasty every animal I find cute is and only talks about putting them on a plate. That includes PET bunnies. Wouldn't even trust in him anywhere near Love. And I think he lacks feelings when it comes to animals at all, as I do have a feeling he's not treated animals very well in the past. And his taste in food is horrid, not to mention that his eating habits are a bad influence. =/)

Guess the choice there is obvious huh? XD

AND, I have also requested on a facebook page where people trade and give stuff away for fabrics and such, so I'll probably sew a lot during my vacation and sell. XD
Mostly baby clothes. XD
But that will be fun~

For now, time to sleep!
I have a few more things to do tomorrow at work after all. Painting some signs for a little nature trail that has to be done before noon. XD

Nighty all!

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Happy Birthday!!! :D
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Happy Birthday my lovey~!:icongawwplz:


I hope you have a glorious day~!:iconba-kyunplz:

LimboTheLost Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you. I did. X3
Played softairgun with a friend and got to shoot him in the butt. XD
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happy birthday
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